The Sanford House
(a.k.a. The E.H. Stone House)

1925 Summit Street
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 9, 2003
Constructed in 1914 at a cost of $12,000, the Sanford home is an example of the Colonial Revival style in Sioux City. One outstanding feature of the house is the stunning accentuated front door with a decorative crown supported by classical columns and capitals. Arthur and Stella Sanford, who lived in the home from 1936-1981, were important Sioux City entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Mr. Sanford provided the leadership in 1926 for construction of Sioux City’s Orpheum Theatre. Other Sanford projects include the Bellevue and Sioux Apartments, the Warrior Hotel, the Insurance Exchange Building, and the Stella Sanford Center. In addition to being an entrepreneur throughout the Midwest, Arthur Sanford was also known as a pioneer in beautiful design and modern construction.