St. Boniface Historic District
703 West 5th Street
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 13, 1998
This Romanesque Revival Catholic Church (above) emphasizes Germanic influences in its impressive 163-foot single octagonal steeple over the main entry. Brother Leonard Darschied, OFM, born in Germany in 1858, was the architect and construction supervisor. The St. Boniface parish was the first Franciscan settlement in Iowa. Sixty-six “Munich stained glass” windows, handmade in 1910 in Germany, allow spectacular light into the vaulted sanctuary. The church was dedicated on September 4, 1911. The entire campus of St. Boniface was so important that the nomination was elevated to a “District” status.

Also in the St. Boniface Historic District is the William Steele designed Rectory (right) built in 1924.